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Strategic Location

Turkey is a strategic country in the import and export with the location where the lead author.

Young Population

While an aging population in Europe are young and educated population in Turkey.

Quality Workforce

There is a highly efficient, well educated and cost competitive human resource.

High Profit

High level earnings are obtained with minimum investment and time.

Which Investment Should I Choose?
Investment Vehicle? Investment Time?
Depreciation Period?
Working Capital? TR INVEST Support? Investment Amount?
Construction12-361-3YesYesGet Information
Real Estate0-112-25HayırYesGet Information
Energy0-36-8YesYesGet Information
Agriculture0-123-6YesYesGet Information
Investment FAQ
1. Can we make the investment with TR INVEST?
Yes. We can make joint investments in GES, construction, real estate and agriculture. We can make investments by putting joint capital or by operating the investments made by you by us.
2. Does TR INVEST support during the operation of the investment?
Yes. As TR Invest, we support you in the process of operating your investments through us.
3. In which region should I invest?
It depends on the type of investment you make. The depreciation periods and the purpose of the investment are effective in the selection of the region. For example, in Solar Energy Systems, while regions with more sun are effective for region selection, fertile land in agriculture, real estate in real estate, and rental income is effective for region selection.
4. What are the conditions for starting a business for foreigners?
The conditions for company formation and share transfer are the same as those applied to local investors. Accordingly, international investors can establish all types of companies specified in the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC). TTK; It meets international standards, encourages private equity and IPO activities, providing transparency in government operations and business environment which makes Turkey's compliance with EU legislation and EU accession process offers an approach to corporate governance.
5. What are the real estate taxes charged for real estates?
Owned buildings in Turkey, apartments and land are paid to Own Contribution Protection of the Immovable Cultural Property is subject to estate tax at rates ranging from 0.1% to 0.6% of the accrued tax rate of 10%.
6. What are the advantages of Organized Industrial Zones?
  • VAT exemption for land purchases.
  • Property tax exemption for five years, effective from the completion of the facility construction.
  • Low water, natural gas and communication costs.
  • Tax exemption in division / merging of parcels.
  • Local government tax exemption in facility construction and operation.
  • Solid waste tax exemption if the OIZ does not benefit from municipal services.
7. What types of Investment Incentive Certificates are issued?
  • KOBİ Investment Incentive Certificate
  • Research and development investments,
  • Investments to be made in technoparks and technoparks,
  • Investments for environmental protection,
  • Agricultural industry investments,
  • Investments in priority technology,
  • Investments for regional development,
  • Rural development and agricultural incentives
  • Tourism Incentives
  • Free zone incentives
  • Livestock incentives
  • Organized industry shadow incentives

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